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We specialize in advanced WordPress solutions, from plugins to integration with a third party site we can make it happen.  Think it’s impossible for WordPress to handle? Let us know what your needs are and we’ll show you how WordPress …

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Web Solutions

Using the latest web technologies we can build you a web driven interface to connect your employees, your inventory, and your clients.  Keep track of everything all in one place, content management, billing, inventory, customer leads, analytics, and more.  Contact …

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Get software made specifically for your business needs, fast and affordable.  

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Get the software you need

See how easy our knowledgeable developers make it to get the exact software you need to make your business run the way you need it to.

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Our Team

Innovative Solutions was founded with the goal to create cutting edge technology solutions for today's changing world priced for everyday consumers and small businesses.

WordPress experts

Our WordPress focused team can build flexible easy-to-use user systems quickly using the powerful CMS system as a base to help you grow your company.

Trusted Plugins

We are a trusted WordPress developer with several free plugins available on WordPress.org. We always recommend checking the repository for existing plugins before contacting us to create one.

Free and Commercial Plugins

If you can’t find what you need contact us to get a quote to create a custom plugin for you.

Our Services

We specialize in custom software designed to make you more productive and your business more streamlined. Automate a daily task, create a central hub for employee information and scheduling, simplify your payroll, centralize customer data, create interactive web-based SMS software, and more. Dream it up and we will help you make it a reality.

Search Engine Optimization and Adwords

Do you know how many visitors can from your last email campaign? How those visitors interacted with your site when they arrived? And how effective are your landing pages? With the power of Google Analytics we can help you track your traffic and monitor the effectiveness of your advertising. Find out what landing pages get the most results, what searches drive the most traffic, and what your visitors are looking for when they arrive to make sure you are attracting visitors that will become customers. Need to boost traffic? We can help. Even simple website optimization can go a long way to help your future customers find you. With the combined power of Google Adwords and Analytics you can easily drive traffic that will create new customers. Contact us for a quote to get started. Get a Quote

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We are available by email 24/7 and usually respond to emails within one business day. We work with people and businesses worldwide, however our lead developer is not always available by phone. If you prefer to speak over the phone please email us to make an appointment.

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