Today we launched our newest product, the Genius QR Code. What does it do? Glad you asked.  

The Genius QR Code is a QR code that you can update at any time and even change what it does.  You can send someone to a website, give them a coupon,  post to their facebook or twitter, invite them to follow you, give them your location, give them directions to your locations, give them your contact card, and more. With our built in scheduler you can make your QR code change on it’s own. You can have your QR code go to your website but offer a promo from 3pm to 4pm* allowing the coupon to change and display your promo without you having to watch the clock, drop everything, and change it.

These codes also have tracking stats so you can view the scans per month or day.   We are adding Google analytic support and plan to have this feature available before the end of April.  More feature to come include applet support, closest event, coupon/Info randomizer, and more.  You can find out more about these new Genius QR Codes at geniusqrcodes.com.  




*Time currently EST, timezone support will be available by the end of June.

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User files 2.0 has been officially released.  We have added a ton of features and by request of the developer Scriptonite, we will keep the plugin a free plugin.  You can donate to Scriptonite if you wish to do so here

Added into this release is language support, categories, custom icons, search and filter, and more.  The benefit to this plugin is it is not database driven, so you are able to upload files via FTP just like the original User Files plugin.  The files that are not categorized will be added to the default category, you can use the bulk category change to change multiple file categories at once across multiple users files. 

Custom icons allows you to set icons for any extension type. You can set icons and they will be loaded for each extension type automatically on the loading of the users file list.

A files widget and upload widget have been added. Even if the users do not have permission to upload files withing the page you can allow them to upload files to their account using the upload widget.  The files widget lists the users files in the sidebar  for easy access. 

We also added language support, the .pot file can be found on the user files plugin page if you wish to translate the plugin. You can send any language files for us to include in the plugin on the users file page as well.  You can leave comments or suggestions below or here.

Get the plugin here:

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We are proud to release our newest free software, Craigs Search.   This software watches Craigs List and keeps a look-out for new posts that match your search criteria, simply set your state, choose 2 cities to search in, type in what your looking for, set a price range if you have one and Craigs Search does the rest.  You can receive pop-up notifications in your taskbar as well as an email with all the new listings and thumbnails if a post image was set. You can also preview the image from with the software. 

You can download Craigs Search here.  Please leave bug reports and suggestions below, There will currently be 2 versions of this software, a free version and a PRO version.  This is the BETA for the free version of this software, you can compare versions below.




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