New Genius QR Codes Launched

Today we launched our newest product, the Genius QR Code. What does it do? Glad you asked.  

The Genius QR Code is a QR code that you can update at any time and even change what it does.  You can send someone to a website, give them a coupon,  post to their facebook or twitter, invite them to follow you, give them your location, give them directions to your locations, give them your contact card, and more. With our built in scheduler you can make your QR code change on it’s own. You can have your QR code go to your website but offer a promo from 3pm to 4pm* allowing the coupon to change and display your promo without you having to watch the clock, drop everything, and change it.

These codes also have tracking stats so you can view the scans per month or day.   We are adding Google analytic support and plan to have this feature available before the end of April.  More feature to come include applet support, closest event, coupon/Info randomizer, and more.  You can find out more about these new Genius QR Codes at geniusqrcodes.com.  




*Time currently EST, timezone support will be available by the end of June.