Server Migration

by on July 12, 2012
Posted in Support

We are moving to bigger, better, server. What does this mean for you? We’re glad you asked.

The Simple Explanation

The server is essentially  the computer that runs your website.  It’s like when you get a new computer and you have to move your files to it.  Though instead of a few folders and files there are about 2,464,254,932  files and folders to move.  You will also get more features at the same low price you are currently paying.  We will be cancelling services like advanced mail because they are now included, so users who were paying for these service before now get them at no additional charge.  The transfers will begin on July 16th, if you need more time or assistance backing up your emails please contact support..


The (somewhat) Nerdy Explanation

We are shifting our services to a faster, more reliable server which will move our uptime from 99.2% to 99.9%.  Our new servers will also feature cPanel for account management and you can keep all your domains in one convenient location and manage them from one account.  You will easily be able to access cPanel from your Innovative Solutions account so you can access all your domain tools in one convenient location.   Bandwidth and storage are more limited than on our old servers but we have added other services that were needed and set our limits to a comfortable level.   We also have real time server monitoring so if there is an issue we will know instantly.  

For assistance or further questions please contact support..