Simple user profile allows you to remove fields from your profile to as little as username, email, and password fields (these should never be removed). This plugin idea came about after being unable to find a plugin to take one of our clients profile down to just the options they needed. 2 short hours later the script was finalized and within a week we wrapped it as a plugin and it is our Christmas gift to you.


After installing this plugin creates a new menu in settings, simply check the options you don’t need and they are removed from the page. You can also re-lable the section headings or disable them completely. We have just recently added support for custom contact methods that are added by themes and other plugins under the contact section. This does NOT use the unset method to remove them, so if you create custom fields then check them they will be removed.


Coming features will allow you to apply this to profile fields by users role.  



If you have created custom fields and they get removed please do not give our plugin one star and rant about how it is broken. Any new fields created must use different input names than the ones in the profile. For example, if you remove the display name and create a new field called “How your name will be seen”, but use the same name for your input label (which is display_name), your field will be removed. Please use a unique name like custom_display_name so that it is not removed by the plugin. Most likely conflicting names will show in the field checked under the options section showing it disabled. If you run into issues shoot us an email, we try to get bug fixes out as quick as we can.

 This plugin cannot remove fields added by other plugins that are not added by the contact methods property.

 When using this on a page or post with custom profile fields they may not always be removed.  This plugin has been tested with theme my login and works correctly.



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