User Files Manager Front End Admin is an extension for our user files plugin that adds 4 new shortcode options.

1) Adds a shortcode to create the administration file management page into page or post.  The front end admin also has drag-and-drop multi-file upload capabilities.

2) Adds an advanced client control shortcode.  This adds a new admin notification dropdown so users can notify an admin individually of a file upload and adds a multi-file drag and drop upload option. Userfiles front-end comes with a new capability to be used with userfile admin roles for notification and file management.

3) Client/Admin auto shortcode can be used to create one page that will change to the admin controls or client file page dependent on the users capabilities so one menu item can do for all.

Auto Mode: [userfiles-single-frontend]

Client Page: [userfiles-client]

Admin Page:[userfiles-admin]

Client Files single category: [userfiles-single-category category=CATEGORY ID canupload=true]

User Files Manager Front End Admin is dependent on the free User Files Manager plugin that can be downloaded from wordpress.org.  The plugin sells for $15 dollars with a $5 a year anual fee if you wish to continue receiving updates.  If you decide not to continue with the the yearly fee the plugin will still continue to work, you will just not be able to receive or download updates for it as new features are added.

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